Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Font Problem

Cant' Read the Blog due to Font Issues ?

Click here for Malayalam Fonts
Download Malayalam Fonts

The font used in this site is "Unicode".   So read it properly you may set your default encoding to "Unicode (UTF-8)".   This setting is different for different browsers.  Please see below how to set this in various browsers :-

1. CLICK HERE to download the Malayalam unicode font AnjaliOldLipi.ttf to your computer.
2. Go to the Fonts folder: My Computer> C> Windows> Fonts
3. Then to add font, go to: File> Install New Font. Then show the path of the Anjali Old Lipi, that you downloaded earlier or copy the AnjaliOldLipi.ttf  font to fonts folder.
4.  Set the default Encoding as Unicode-UTF-8
5. Refresh the page

1. Start Internet Explorer
2. Go to: Tools> Internet Options> Fonts> Select Latin Based in Language Script> Select Arial Unicode MS in Webpage Font
3. Click OK and OK.
4.  Click on View >Encoding>Unicode UTF-8
5. Refresh the Page

1. Start Mozilla Firefox
2. Go to: Tools> Options> Content> Select Anjali Old Lipi in Fonts & Colors
3. Click OK
4.  Click on View >Encoding>Unicode UTF-8
5. Refresh the Page

1. Start Google Chrome
2. Click the spanner image at the right top corner and go to Options> Under the Hood>Customise Fonts > Select Arial Unicode MS  in "standard font" and set the Encoding as Unicode UTF-8
3. Close the window and restart browser.
4. Now you can read the Malayalam script.

The following external links can assist you in dealing with Unicode Fonts.
1. Varamozhi Wiki
2. Unicode Org

Please try the following as well if you are still not able to read malayalam properly

Google Chrome

Go to "Settings" -> Tools -> Encoding - Unicode (UTF-8)

Internet Explorer

1st Step Go to "View"-> Encoding -> Unicode (UTF-8)

If the fonts are still not clear then :-

Go to "Tools" -> Internet Options -> General -> Fonts -> 
                       "Lamguage Script" -> Latin Based -> "Web Page Font" -> Arial Unicode MS ->
                       "Plain Text Font" -> Courier New

Mozilla Firefox

Go to "View" -> Character Encoding ->More Encodings ->
                             Unicode -> Unicode (UTF-8)

Are you able to read Malayalam now? Please drop line of comment and let me know!

Happy Reading :-)

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